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Mexico’s growing software and IT services development sector comprises nearly 500,000 IT professionals. The attrition rate is very low, at about 5%. 120 universities include programs educating youth about global industry requirements and close to 65,000 new IT professionals are graduating from universities or technical schools each year.
Mexico’s shared time zone enables real-time solutions and easy exchange of information between US clients and Mexico IT providers.

infographic IT.pngIts geographical proximity reduces total expenditure in air travel and telephone communications. Nearshoring – offshoring to 

a border country – facilitates face-to-face meetings and facility visits, enhancing trust and peace-of-mind. The country’s advanced and efficient communication infrastructure ensures fast deployment of IT global delivery centers.

One of the major economic centers of the country is Jalisco, which is known as the Silicon Valley of Mexico due to its electronics industry.  “Employment in the tech sector in Jalisco has increased steadily in recent years and is projected to reach 115,000 jobs in 2017, up from 105,000 in 2015”, said Jaime Reyes, the state’s secretary of innovation, science and technology.







We also have two main government programs; Program for the Development of the Software Industry (PROSOFT), which is made to promote growth and create jobs in information technology and information technology-enabled services focused on expanding the number of tech jobs, networking Mexican companies with worldwide corporations, financing IT companies. And on the other hand we have MexicoFIRST, which is a training institution with the purpose of increasing the quantity and quality of IT workers through training grants for English courses, technical, certifications, etc.

Javier Allard, director-general of industry at the Mexican Association for the IT Industry, explained that “Mexico had the second-largest technology sector in Latin America, placing it behind Brazil but ahead of third-placed Argentina. Allard estimates that the IT sector, excluding communications, has an annual value of around $18bn and has been growing at a 7% annual rate.”

For all these reasons, Mexico has become Americas’ IT sourcing country of choice.

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